“We want to let you know that you NAILED IT! We were both overwhelmed and extremely excited to see that you just got our intention for a Modern Farmhouse and aesthetic to a tee. I particularly loved the Living Room, Master Suite and Family “issue” room. You are and your team are the best…I want that dining room table!!”
– Shelly

“Aimee absolutely did an awesome job on Bestor!!!”
– Marco Rufo, Berkshire Hathaway HomeService

“Words are inadequate to describe how pleased we are with the work you did in staging our house. Clearly, what you did was the most important factor in getting our house sold quickly and at a great price. You had great vision, were efficient and fair in you dealings with us and responsive to our changing needs. I can think of no other investment we have made in our lifetime with such an immediate and high return. If anyone is selling their house, I would tell them that staging with DTM is the ONLY way to go!”
– Bob & Audrey Cowan

“I just wanted to reiterate what an absolute over- the-moon incredible job you did staging our home.  I think it is just amazing that you can visualize what you do, and make the magic you make.  The blend of creative signature DTM “touches” and overall inviting, intriguing, and comforting aesthetic is just stunning…AND you made it all come together on schedule.  a miracle…and one achieved with a terrific combination of hard work, a responsible nature and ability to call upon The Muses at will.  fantastic…thank you so much.”
– Sally Marshi

“Today was the first time I was able to walk the staged home on Lot 9. You and your team have done a fabulous job, truly outstanding! Well Done! You and your team should be very proud of your work. I’m very glad I hired you instead of the other staging companies I interviewed.”
– John D.

“Your staging for my Brentwood listing made a world of difference for the price we sold the property. My clients were thrilled with your vision. They loved your staging so much they even thought of keeping their property and moving back in. You created an ambiance a buyer couldn’t resist. You are an amazing talent!”
– Judy Gold, Realtor, Gibson International

“It is with great pleasure that I am writing this testimonial in support of Aimee Miller. Aimee distinguished herself immediately and is filled with passion, enthusiasm, and excitement about the work at hand. Aimee is top amongst her peers and very open-minded about the process. She is always an active and engaged in participation, and is extremely well researched, and presented as a stager and designer. I am honored to work with Aimee so closely on many recent listing for which I have sold! I believe Aimee is one of the reasons that my client(s) received such an attractive price! She is an exceptional professional. Her cooperative spirit, her compassion for the well-being of all, and her flexible style make her unique.”
– Marco Rufo, Broker Associate, Prudential California Realty

“When deciding who we would hire for our house, we knew we wanted a designer whose work was fresh, original and would make our house stand out from the rest.  We knew immediately that Aimee would bring that to our project.  Her vision was spot on and her pieces and style enhanced the beauty of our interiors.  The bonus is that her crew is courteous, clean and respectful.  She made the entire process a breeze and helped to sell our house in the first few days!”
– Tracey Andrews

“Aimee Miller has been a life saver for our team in many real estate transactions!!! She has staged numerous properties and with a snap of her fingers, and turned them into showcase masterpieces.  She worked with our Remington seller who had their $3M condo listed on the market and was not selling.  The condo was tired and dated and was not receiving any attention.  Aimee had the sellers remove all prior furniture and recommended the condo be revived with new paint and flooring. With her dramatic staging and suggested alterations the condo had a completely different look that was elegant and fresh. The condo went from having no attention to selling in a short period of time! Her service is most certainly worthwhile and I would recommend her to any seller, even if they doubt whether they need a “facelift” for their property.”
– Daniela Tuveri, Marketing Director, Sally Forster Jones Team

“We used Designed To Move to stage our Mother’s $7 mil house in the Pacific Palisades, which was a very large project, and needed to happen in a fast time frame. The day that the staging was complete and we toured the house for the first time with the new furniture in place, we were amazed at the unrealized potential that the new decorating and change brought out in the house.  DTM completely brought a 1980s home up to date for high-end buyers today. They made suggestions to bring more light into the home, create new living areas that were never realized before, and more! Undoubtedly, the staging made an important impression on potential buyers and helped to achieve a sale in a very challenging market. We selected Designed To Move because Aimee Miller hada more desirable range of furniture and accessories.  Her solution went beyond the cookie-cutter “white” furnishings used by others, which enabled Aimee to make our stately house look like it was worth the money we were asking. Aimee was easy to reach and very hands on with the project. Her team treated our mother’s home with care, and they were very fast and professional. In short, Designed To Move did a wonderful job, treating the staging project more like an individual home-decoration project.”
– Steve Werner & Lynne Irvine

“Placing our trust in Designed To Move™…proved to be a wonderful experience for us. The quality of the furnishings brought the house to life and got us into a multiple offer competition for the home.”
– Robert Kleiman, Owner, Structure Development Group

“Aimee, as you know, I have developed many houses on the Westside over the past several years and I have worked with several staging companies…without question, our work together was the easiest, smoothest and most successful staging relationship which I have experienced to date…. You and your staff also managed an excellent rapport with my buyers during the escrow process.”
– Barry Meepos

“I was certainly impressed with your ideas, and the fact that no element seemed to be left out. The sellers couldn’t be happier with the results!”
– James Respondek, Sotheby’s

“You always deliver high quality service and attention to schedules. Your professional manner made this record sale a breeze.”
– Ron Gonen, EGC Luxury Homes, Sherman Oaks

“I am quite certain that we wouldn’t have had two immediate competing offers, went into escrow for as much or as quickly, without your fabulous staging. Your work was the hit of the broker previews! Seriously you rule! I hope you can help us furnish our next home.”
– Chris and Jill Dale, Montecito