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The Cure for Houzz Envy: Guest Room Touches Anyone Can Do

Don’t let perfectly styled rooms give you the blues. Steal ideas from them instead. In this series we’re fighting off Acute Houzz Envy by ransacking beautiful rooms for easy and free (or very inexpensive) ideas we can use in our own homes.

Since this is the time of year when guest rooms get used the most, we’ll head there. Guest rooms are usually pretty spare, which means that small details are important. Guests should feel relaxed and have everything they need close at hand. And should you happen to wander in occasionally to avoid the laundry that’s sitting on your bed, you might get some pleasure out of it, too.

Add a comfortable chaise or occasional chair. Having a place beside the bed for sitting and reading or talking on the phone is really a nice addition. When you’re expecting guests, tuck a power strip nearby for charging — you don’t want their phones, Kindles, laptops etc. junking up other spots in the house.

Provide the latest glossies. Current magazines are a great touch. (But don’t be like the doctor’s office and lay out three-month-old issues of Time.) The nicer and better outfitted your guest room is, the more it will keep your visitors content and happy … and away from you for a bit. I know you love your guests, but every host needs a break from company now and then.

A final note. Don’t forget that the guest room is not just for guests. Think about your visitors when setting up a guest room and accessorizing it, but remember that a guest room can be a secret getaway for you, too. You can close the door, enjoy the beautiful surroundings you’ve created and put that chair and magazine to use.

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