Mansion Makeover


It’s a heavenly home fit for a king: a spectacular 22,000 square foot mansion on a mountain, the largest home on the market in Beverly Hills. Designer Aimee Miller says, “It looks like it could have been picked up from outside of Paris and dropped here.”

Miller furnishes high-end homes that are for sale. Her company, Designed To Move, was hired to transform this sprawling palace from empty to extraordinary. So after three weeks and over a million dollars worth of furnishings, it’s show time.

Before, the expansive living room could fit a full-size basketball court. After, Persian rugs and sultry sofas change it from cavernous to cozy.

Before, the study is beautiful, but barren. After, it’s a breathtaking place to read, work or just lounge in luxury.

Before, the master bedroom looks big enough to land a chopper After, it’s an intimate and romantic retreat.

Aimee says, “Our challenge was to come in and create inviting environments.” This house with a nearly 17 million dollar price tag sits on two pristine acres perfect for the grandest of royal bashes. Aimee says, “The grounds are laid out for entertaining. Up by the tennis court, out by the pool, probably 500 to 1,000 would be absolutely conceivable here.”

It’s amazing how a creative eye and a million dollars of furnishings can turn a hollow house into home sweet home.

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